This summer was anticipated by many to be the turning point in women’s football with the 2019 Women’s World Cup garnering more viewers and coverage than ever before. While the women’s football movement grew across the globe, we wanted our Girls United club players from the small town of Bacalar, Mexico to be able to experience this phenomenon. Mari, Luiza, Melissa and Kim were sponsored by Adidas, Equal Playing Field, ADFP Global and our Crowdfunder supporters to travel to Lyon and London, leaving their home town for the first time in their lives.

The girls had the experience of being on an airplane for the first time but the once-in-a-lifetime to break a world record with Equal Playing Field on the Olympique Lyonnais training grounds in Lyon, France. 69 hours of continuous play, 807 players on the pitch and a score of 404 - 369, we helped complete the world record attempt for the largest number of players to appear continuously in a 5-a-side match.

We then travelled to London where the players from our Mexico and London clubs played together in our World Cup Festival 5-a-side tournament. Over 180 players and fans came together to celebrate the Women’s World Cup Final with football, live music, food and an inspiring speech by pro player Ashley Hall.

This summer encapsulated a celebration of all parts of the football journey. We are so proud to help support the growth of women’s football with Equal Playing Field, develop local grassroots football with our World Cup Festival and show our Mexico players a different perspective of the global women’s movement that they are a part of.

The Players’ Top 5 Moments:

  1. Playing the world record breaking match with Equal Playing Field

  2. Watching the World Cup semi-final England vs. USA

  3. Overcoming language barriers and learning about different cultures through our mutual love for football!

  4. Being on a plane for the first time

  5. Having a dance party and teaching each other dances from our home countries with our new friends at EPF