BRIDGING The gap between sport and education

  • THE GIRLS: Our approach for creating an impact on a wide-scale and for changing any limiting notions held by communities is by empowering individuals. The girls are our focus. We work in communities that do not have clubs  for girls - but where they are enthusiastic to learn. We give them tools for developing, on and off the pitch.

  • FOOTBALL: Sport has the power to transform and football is a truly global language. It is accessible, inclusive and a game that unites us. Being a valued member of a team has the power to develop players far beyond their physical capacity. We focus our curriculum on developing leadership skills through football.

  • THE COMMUNITY: We value the cultural differences and the specific needs of each community. Our clubs take this into account to create cultural exchanges that are meaningful and profound.

We are focused on delivering GRASSROOTS impact


Inequality in sport affects women and girls all around the world. Due to negative stereotypes and limiting gender roles, girls and women do not have access to the same opportunities, resulting in a gender gap that goes beyond the pitch and into society.


Our mission is to establish football clubs in low-income areas and provide the local community with the support and structure to adopt the clubs. We aim to promote gender equality, improve physical health and encourage sustainable economic changes through football coaching that focuses on the development of well-rounded individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision is for girls around the world to have equal access to sport and to provide them with skills and abilities that will broaden their opportunities to participate in education and in the economy. We are bridging the gap between sport and education. 


For the coaches:

EXPLORE the opportunities and lessons brought by coaching for social impact and immersing in a new culture.

INSPIRE to become role models and responsible citizens of the world.

EMPOWER by promoting personal development outside of their comfort zone.

For the girls:

EXPLORE the opportunities and lessons brought by sport and cultural exchanges.

INSPIRE to challenge any limiting notions and go beyond their expectations.

EMPOWER by providing them with the tools to be confident, thoughtful leaders.

Our Values