Programme Leaders and Head coaches

Apply to be a Programme Leader or Head Coach at our club in Mexico. The positions of Head Coach or Programme Leader are opportunities to challenge yourself and develop essential work skills in a new and exciting environment. Be part of our effort to inspire and empower!




Job Type: Volunteer – No programme costs, all expenses included (Food, accommodation and transport)

Requirements: Spanish intermediate, English intermediate, Administrative skills

Hours: Full-time, 8 weeks

Description: administrate and oversee the operations of a football club and volunteer programme.


·      Registration of players

·      Communication with parents and schools

·      Administration of football grounds

·      Administration of team training schedules


·      Point of contact for volunteers

·      Administration of staff (food, cleaning, driving and maintenance)

·      Administration of excursions

Desirable Qualities: Experience in administration, excellent communication skills, excellent organisational and time management skills, proactive and problem solving. 


Job Type: Volunteer – All expenses included (Food, accommodation and transport)

Requirements: Spanish basic, English intermediate

Location: Mexico

Hours: Full-time, 8 weeks

Description: oversee training sessions and volunteer coaches for the football club.

·      Each head coach will act as a mentor for 10-12 volunteer coaches

·      Each head coach will oversee the training sessions for 4-6 football teams

·      Head coaches will be responsible for ensuring training sessions are instructive, engaging, fun and safe.

Desirable Qualities: Experience coaching/playing, experience managing or leading teams, excellent communication skills, leadership skills, approachable and understanding, proactive and independent worker, able to build positive relationship with coaches and players and problem solving.


We will soon have opportunities for qualified Coaches to work at our new London Club, if you would be interested, please register your interest below, and we will update you as soon as possible about possible positions and news.