Girls United empowers girls in local communities through football practices that go beyond the technical and the tactical to develop confident leaders.  


Our Vision

Our vision is to make a sustainable impact in rural communities through a cultural exchange that is genuine and profound. We seek to enrich the lives of locals through promoting gender equality in sport, mobilising the economy and improving physical health.



Our mission is to establish football academies for girls in low-resource areas and recruit volunteers to coach at these academies. We work harmoniously with the community to provide better resources and opportunities, while encouraging growth for the girls. Based on values of equality and inclusion, we facilitate a mutual cultural exchange between locals and volunteers.


For the girls:

EXPLORE the opportunities and lessons brought by cultural exchanges.

INSPIRE to challenge any limiting notions and go beyond their expectations.

EMPOWER by providing them with the tools to be  confident, thoughtful leaders.


For the volunteers:

EXPLORE the opportunities and lessons brought by immersing in a new culture

INSPIRE to become responsible and altruistic citizens of the world.

EMPOWER by promoting personal development outside of their comfort zone.